Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

At the last possible minute we decided to attend the New Year's Eve party at the Carrizozo Country Club.  We all had a fantastic time!   There were so many beautiful children and people there that I should have taken more photos.  Below are a few that I did snap!  

Welcome to 2010

My sweet Eleck was scared of the other kids at first and just watched them play...that only lasted a few minutes! 

Bryce loved watching the excitement from the comfort of Poppy's lap.

Samantha is Bryce's new friend, she is five months older and an absolute doll,  I loved taking her picture.

She did eventually smile for the camera! 

The rest of the shots were mostly candids as I don't think people knew what to do with a camera at the New Year's celebration!

Beautiful Mrs. Ferguson

The Cooper gals!  Gorgeous!

Mr. Cooper doesn't like the camera

Poppy and his Grandsons

 The boys new friend!

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