Friday, February 5, 2010

Funny Cloud & Haulin' Hay with Daddy

I woke up this morning to this odd cloud...

 While we were waiting for Daddy Eleck wanted to wear Dad's winter hat and his own wild rag while he pretended to be a pirate in the ship he built in his room with his bed!  What a neat imagination he has!

In the afternoon we went on a road trip, because this year has brought more snow than we've had in a LONG time, that means we need more hay!  We drove to San Antonio (New Mexico) home to the Owl Bar and Cafe to pick up some more little bales.  Unfortunately there was no time for a famous Green Chile Cheeseburger.

At the Lopez Farms I found this awesome ole' truck, beautiful landscape and kind people to photograph!  I'm also getting to test out my new logo/watermark for the first time on the photos!

What a blessing to get to be with my family day in and day out!  Praise the Lord!

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