Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Sugar Beets

Sugar Beets is what I refer to my two little boys as, they are sweet as sugar and they both love beets so I guess it just fits together.

Tomorrow I leave for five days to fulfill my duties at AgWorks Solutions in Washington, DC.  I am not ready to leave and nor will I ever be ready to leave my babies and their daddy for five whole days.

Today was a very exciting day for our little family!  We joined Canaan Trail Baptist Church in Alto, NM!  God is working in our lives as he never has before and we are so excited to just live in His will!  We spent the day together on the ranch just enjoying being together!  Praise God for our many blessings! 

The Sugar Beets are growing up too fast!  It seems like yesterday we were just married and had no kids.

Ever since I was a child photos of Cowboys, especially my Daddy, always intrigued me.  Today I have the perfect model, my husband, Troy.  To improve my photography skills I am taking a class on natural light photography and one of my assignments was capturing a silhouette, below is my attempt of that!

The clouds were awesome today, I could have taken pictures until the sun went down.  I think my volunteers would have been a little tired though!  Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do!

To my sweet Sugar Beets know how much Mommy loves you and misses you. 


  1. I gave you an honest scrap award! Come check out my blog to get it!

  2. Love the pictures! Cowboys are so fun to photograph...and it's sure handy when they just happen to be your hubby. ;)

  3. Quick question, I was clicking on the Clickin' Moms site and accidentally right clicked on your pic. Anyway, how did you get that copyright box to pop up? I have been keeping my blog private (up until a few days ago) because I've been worried about having pictures lifted. I don't really think they are good enough for people to steal, but I don't want pictures of my son out there for anyone to take. Anyway, I was just curious about that. ;)

  4. Wow! Even for a city slicker like me, I am in love with these photos! I can't even pick which one like the best. Can't wait to come back and see what else you post...