Thursday, December 10, 2009

How to Build a Fire

Troy and I have been living on his family ranch for almost five years now.  The very first thing I learned when moving here was how to build a fire "properly".  Our home was built in the late 1800's and the only form of heat in the living room and kitchen was good ole' fashion fire.  At that point all the bedrooms had wood stoves in them as well.  Today we only have to worry about building a fire in the living room and dining room, everything else has "modern" heating.

This morning as I looked at the fireplace, which was overflowing with ashes I decided that  "How to build a fire" would be my first blog tutorial!

Hopefully one person out there will benefit from this!  I learn by seeing so below are the step by step photos.

#1 Gather extremely small pieces of kindling and arrange:

#2 Stack wood across the base supports (ours are made of old rail road iron and horse shoes).  You build the stack up lattice style:

#3 Using a match light the small kindling on fire

#4 Sit back and enjoy the fire.

 This is probably very elementary for most but I had fun documenting what I learned five years ago!

This is by far the coldest winter we have had since moving here...two days ago we had winds that blew over 65 mph.  Another blog post soon to document the extreme cold.

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