Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter on the Ranch

As I mentioned in the previous post this is by far the coldest winter I've experienced while living north of Capitan.

Willa sent me some photos where twenty years ago they received 44 inches of snow and then ten years ago they got 20 inches of snow, I must say I hope we don't receive quite that much, but we do need the moisture.

Here are some photos that I have taken on the ranch and of our first calve heifers, a few of our mares and our stud.

Stay warm!

This is Jude one of our favorite mares, I think her mane needs some attention.

This is Cash our stud horse.

This is what happens when the tractor freezes up...

This is our first calf of the year.

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  1. Your black & white of Jude is one of the most amazing pictures I've EVER seen!!! GOOD JOB!