Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunshine & Shoes

Now that my photography is becoming much more than a "hobby," I am doing everything in my power to learn just how to be an outstanding photographer.  One of the things that I have been doing to improve my skills and study is reading various photography blogs.  One I ran across, and now follow, is Two Photogs .   These amazing photographers are giving away a space in their first mentoring session starting in January 2010.  Lord knows I really need all the mentoring I can get!  I live in one of the most beautiful places for outdoor portrait photography...I just need help learning how to capture it!

To win I must document my guilty pleasures in pictures.  I enjoy eating too much for that to really be a guilty pleasure so I decided on Sunshine & Shoes! 

Growing up a rancher's daughter, I didn't have many shoes other than athletic shoes; a few pairs of dress shoes for when I had to wear a dress; and of course cowboy boots.  When I took my first real job after college I landed in Washington, DC, and had to purchase a whole new wardrobe;  that is when I developed a passion for shoes!  I now own too many pairs to count, and since I'm a rancher's wife I very seldom get to wear any of my "fancy DC" shoes!  

Sunshine is also another guilty pleasure; I don't get outside in God's beautiful outdoors near enough since I help pay our bills by being inside in front of the computer.

I loaded up a few of my favorite shoes, cowboy boots, bench, camera, tripod and remote in the truck, and went searching for the perfect spot on the ranch to document my guilty pleasures, Sunshine & Shoes.


  1. I think it is a fabulous post! BTW, your shoe collection is one to be coveted! So many bright, festive, (and I'm sure, memorable) shoes! I'm not a heel person, myself, but I admire you for risking your height for the sake of fashion. Great post. And good luck with your venture!

  2. awesome! love all your colorful shoes and I love that you went out and found the perfect location. Thanks so much for participating.

  3. oh i totally could of done this one too! awesome job! good luck!

  4. I love your take on the challenge!
    Amazing shoe collection, too!

    I love how warm your photo looks when it's - 48degrees celcius here in Edmonton!

  5. Ooooh, shoes are my passion! Love this!

  6. LOVE IT!
    You are doing such amazing things with that camera... I will admit I have lense envy!!!
    Hugs to the family!
    xox nicole